Who are we?

The Agrifood Cluster is a civil non-profit association whose mission is to boost the competitiveness in the food sector of Nuevo Leon following the triple helix method.

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Founded in 2009 as an initiative of the government of Nuevo León to strengthen one of the 13 strategic sectors of the state of Nuevo León, based on the triple helix model, creating an ecosystem where companies, government and universities coexist, exchange information and share their best practices, gaining competitive advantages that a single company could not otherwise do on its own.

The benefits of clusters were seen  in 1800 by Mr. Alfred Marshall, in 1970 an Italian economist Giacomo Becattini, noticed that successful companies were those that were within geographic groups. A decade later, Michael Porter, economist and professor at Harvard University, popularized the term Cluster.

Among the main
objectives of Agroalim are:

  1. Promote the development of the agri-food sector in Nuevo León and boost the exportation of its products, through the analysis of the proposals arising within the public and private sectors, as well as those from the academic field.

  2. Serve as a consultative and support partner for companies related to the agri-food sector and the Government of the State of Nuevo León.

  3. Recommend schemes for the establishment of research and technological development centers in the agri-food sector and programs that boost innovation in companies and producers in said sector.

  4. Evaluate and propose support methods to promote the creation and competitiveness of productive chains in our sector.

  5. Recommend the methodological criteria and mechanisms that tend to improve the policies and programs that have effects on the sector in a sustainable way.

  6. Propose programs that stimulate the creation of new companies in the sector.

How do we do it?

Through working committees:
  1. We organize seminars, forums and fairs for high-tech companies and / or strategic projects.

  2. We develop advertising programs to promote the agri-food sector in Nuevo León.

  3. We support and participate in scientific and technological research and development in all ways possible, helping individuals or companies, private or public, with the intention of improving competitiveness.

  4. We promote, collaborate and support all kinds of events or public outings that allow associations whose object is similar to AgroAlim to grow and obtain economic benefits.

  5. We promote and support the creation of associations or civil groups and take part with those whose objectives are similar to AgroAlim.

  6. We promote the collecting, for itself or for third parties, of government and / or private funds for the agri-food sector in Nuevo León.

  7. We form alliances and cooperation agreements, with national or international chambers, confederations, public and private companies, public and private institutions, and both national and international education centers.

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