• We have a Mentoring Program, in the case of entrepreneurship projects, which will allow us to guide their evolution and guide them in their development of the value proposition.

  • We also have direct consulting or through partners and universities on issues of safety, operational efficiency, logistics, packaging, sustainability and the environment, human development, innovation, foreign trade, adapted to the size of the social enterprise that requires it.

  • We support and provide consultancy for the establishment of foreign food companies and / or research centers that want to establish themselves in Nuevo León.

  • Our coaches and mentors are made up of experienced professionals in the sector and experts in the entire value chain of the agri-food sector.


  • We have various training programs where we seek to professionally develop all the people who participate throughout the entire food supply chain, with the aim of enhancing the competitiveness of companies in the agri-food sector.

  • We have at the disposal of our partners various general training programs and specific training adapted to their specific needs that allow them to acquire the necessary knowledge for their development in the business environment and acquire specific technical knowledge that will help in their career plans.

  • The courses, programs, workshops, webinars organized by Agroalim favor the establishment of collaboration networks between experts, companies and universities, which transcend the educational field, working through the triple helix model.


At AGROALIM we can carry out various evaluations on Safety issues since we are an evaluating entity of IFS Global Markets, as well as evaluations on issues of sustainability, environmental impact, level of innovation, energy consumption, waste discharge among many others that are carried out through From other partners and / or universities, by knowing our partner companies and their level of compliance, they can improve and aspire to obtain certifications and recognitions, better positioning themselves as world-class companies.

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