OBJECTIVE: Increase business competitiveness by improving the productivity of the processes carried out in the agri-food sector.

MISSION: That the agri-food companies in the region will be the best business option in their line of business because they will produce with the best level of service at the lowest cost.

VISION: Create a support platform to create and share the best Operational Efficiency practices in agri-food companies, which allows us to learn through proven experiences and have support when replicating them.


  • Information
  • Diffusion
  • Training
  • Help and guide companies on their way to creating a working culture in which employees are committed to the objectives of the company.
  • Show companies how to take advantage of their resources in an efficient way, eliminating waste to reduce operating costs and increase the profitability margin of their products.
  • Quality Control, Lean Manufacturing tools are explained to create finer processes throughout the value chain.


December 2, 2021

Introducción al TPS / lean Manufacturing

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