OBJECTIVE: Promote, facilitate and promote the linkage of companies with universities and research centers to develop innovation projects, as well as favor the transfer of technology and the culture of intellectual property.

MISSION: Promote innovation as a transversal axis to increase the competitiveness of our associate companies.

VISION: To be a strategic ally to successfully integrate new technologies, generate greater value in products and processes of aliated companies.


Opportunity to access information on new product trends, Raw Materials, Technological and Market surveillance.

National and international calls and awards to which members can participate.

Specialized services in Intellectual Property, Announcements, New ingredients, Processes and technologies.

Measurement of the level of innovation of companies. Training: Training services on intellectual property issues.

  • Servicios de capacitación en temas de propiedad intelectual.

Agrifood Tech 2021: Develop innovations of the participating companies in conjunction with Csoft companies.

Research and Development Centers for Innovation in the State of Nuevo León



May 24, 2024

Contacto y presentación Startups 2 – Israel

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July 19, 2024

Innovación, Competitividad y Estrategias Empresariales

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